The company currently has about 36 employees. Four logging crews and ten truck drivers, along with four office employees, and three mechanics deliver approximately 200 loads each week of various wood products to six different mills in North Florida.

Usher staff like S.J. Fisher, Vice President, and Eric Handley, Forest Operations, are the backbone of the daily operations and success as a business with their quality work and shared desire for excellence. Ken, Lynetta and Korey are proud of Usher Land & Timber and their employees. They are proud of the heritage and legacy it represents and the employees who have made it the company it is today. Former employees frequently stop by to visit, reminisce, and get a new company hat. It’s
truly a family operation.

Our Timber Operations Team

Eric Handley

Eric is a 2009 graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance. Eric has 2 years’ experience in accounting and has been with Usher since 2011 as a Forester. Eric’s responsibilities include buying timber for Usher’s crews to harvest as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the Logging and Trucking divisions of the business. Eric is the person to contact if you are interested in selling your timber. Eric: 352-949-1058 (cell) or email: [email protected]

Steve “John” Fisher

John is a 1978 graduate of Chiefland High School and started out furthering his education at Sante Fe Community College in Pre-Med. Due to life changes, John joined Usher Land and Timber in 1979 and has been there ever since. John was a lifelong friend and classmate of Tommy Usher who was running the Usher operations when John joined the team. John is the Vice President of Usher as well as the head mechanic in the shop. John and his staff in the shop do a tremendous job maintaining all the farming and logging equipment, as well as all the trucks on the highway.

Spencer Fisher

Spencer is a mechanic in the shop alongside his older brother, John. Spencer joined the Usher team full time following his graduation from Chiefland High School in 1989. Spencer brings a lot of mechanical ability to the shop as he can do most anything required to repair a machine or a truck. Spencer has re-built many engines and transmissions. He also has his CDL drivers license so he drives the lowboy, when needed, to move equipment around.

Our Timber Crew Leaders

Clint Tibbetts

Clint has been in the logging woods since 1993 running all kinds of logging equipment. Clint received his GED (while logging) in 1997 from Central Florida College in Lake City. Clint started his own logging business, “Dixie Logging”, in 2006 working primarily as a contract logger. While working in the woods and running his own business Clint attended Sante Fe Community College and received his AA in Business Management in 2008. Clint brought a lot of past experiences with him when he joined the Usher family in February of 2016. He immediately took over as crew leader. Today he runs the Loader on the crew that is dedicated to harvesting operations on Four Rivers Land and Timber property.

Justin Adkins

Justin is a 2013 graduate of Bronson High School. He has been around logging his entire life and he began his logging career as a Sophomore in high school, working after school and during his breaks. Justin has been a mechanic for many years, working mainly on log trucks for various contractors around town. Justin joined Usher Land and Timber in April of 2016 and was soon a shining star here. Upon a crew leader’s retirement Justin was moved to running a crew in June of 2017. Justin is primarily a loader operator but can run all three pieces of equipment if needed.

Johnny Kirkland

Johnny joined the Usher family in 1983 following his graduation from Chiefland High School. Johnny started at Usher as a chainsaw operator but moved up to the Feller Buncher a year later, which he still runs today. Johnny became a crew leader in 1994 and has been running a crew from his Feller Buncher ever since.

John Hicks

John is a 1991 high school graduate of Good Shepard in St. Petersburg Florida. Following his high school graduation, John attended Florida State Fire College in Ocala and graduated with a Fire Fighter’s degree in 1993. John joined the Usher family in 1999 as an equipment operator specializing in running the Skidder, but with skills to run all three pieces of equipment. John took over as crew leader in 2002 and is still running a crew today.