The cattle and farming operations of Usher Land & Timber are managed by Ken Griner, with strong support of their son, Korey. Usher Land & Timber has a Cow/Calf program, a Stocker program, and a SeedStock program. These programs utilize about 6,000 acres of pasture and timberland in Florida, and about 5,200 acres of owned and leased pasture in Kansas.

Cow / Calf Operation

Usher Land & Timber cattle operations are managed by Ken and Korey Griner. The company participates in all phases ofthe cattle industry … from conception to consumption. The Cow/Calf operation currently has about 850 “momma” cows and an additional I 00+ replacement heifers in inventory. It also participates in the Seedstock Industry and has 125+ cows and heifers in inventory as well as approximately I 00 head of “re-cip” cows to complement the embryo transfer program. Historically, the company has participated in the Stocker Industry, owning and growing 2000+ calves in Florida and Kansas. Usher Land & Timber is part of a retail branded beef program called “Florida Cattle Ranchers.”

Profit Driven Genetics

In the Seedstock business, Usher Land & Timber partners with 3 others (Chris Hardee of Hardee Farms, Charles Crochet of Crochet Cattle Co., and Lee Leachman) in an program named “Profit Driven Genetics.” That effort takes all the knowledge and experience of each partner to grow an animal that not only thrives in the Florida climate (the Baseliner and Baseliner Max) but that also incorporates all the performance possible to make it easier for local cattlemen and women to prosper. This program uses Angus, Brangus, UltraBlack and Charolais genetics to help build this exceptional animal. Ken and Korey are very excited about the future of Profit Driven Genetics and the impact it will have on the company’s herd and also the herds of neighbors and friends.

Florida Cattle Ranchers

Florida Cattle Ranchers is a really exciting new venture for Usher Land & Timber. Thirteen Florida cattlemen and their families got together to form this new entity. The guiding mission is to create Beef sold in Florida that is truly “Fresh from Florida.” From conception to consumption, the cattle is all Florida born and raised. The goal is to give the consumer everything he/she wants from the standpoint of quality, tenderness, value, traceability, you name it. This concept will help reduce the stress on cattle, it will reduce negative impacts on the environment, and will contribute to better safety on the highways since Florida cattle will no longer have to be trucked to the Midwest to be grown and finished. This will support farmers in Florida and help strengthen their market, helping to keep Florida GREEN! Look for great things to come from this venture coming to a grocery store near you soon!

Our Cattlemen

Ken Griner

A Florida native, Ken Griner is President of Usher Land & Timber, Inc., a family owned logging, farming and cattle company in Chiefland, Levy County, Florida. He is a graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina. He serves on the Forestry Advisory Committee of Florida Farm Bureau and is in line to become President of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association in June of 2017. In 2016 Ken was recognized as the Outstanding Rancher and Leader by the Florida Cattlemen’s Association and Farm Credit of Florida. Ken is a charter of Suwannee Valley Rotary Club in Chiefland and has served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Sheriff’s Boys Ranch and the Nomination Committee for Farm Credit of North Florida. Ken’s wife, Lynetta, and son, Korey, are also involved in the family business. Ken and Lynetta live in Fanning Springs, on the bands of the Suwannee River.

Korey Griner – Farm Manager

Korey began his career at Usher in 2000, working at the shop during his teenage years. In 2003, Korey moved down to the farm to start his ranching career. He attended Florida Southern College and Kansas State, studying agriculture economics. Korey now manages the farm, and is in charge of maintaining the cattle/calf, backgrounding, and seed stock operations, as well as the various day to day duties associated with the farm. Contact Korey with any questions. His cell number is 352-949-1057.

Mike Graham – Farm Hand

Mike was born and raised in Chiefland and has been around ranching and horses his entire life. Mike left Chiefland in 1989 to pursue a ranching career in Virginia which led him all over the Southeastern United States training horses and working on many different ranches. Mike came home to stay in 2012 and he started his career at Usher Land and Timber. Mike is Korey’s right hand man on the farm and helps with about every aspect of the ranche’s daily activities from training/breaking horses, working cows, building fence, and helping with tractor work that needs to be done.