USHER Land & Timber produces three things every day that are important to each of us, food, oxygen, and water. Food is produced through the cattle and farming operations. Oxygen and water, along with sequestering carbon dioxide and providing wildlife habitat, are produced through the timber crops and best management practices. Ken, Lynetta, and Korey feel that it’s inspiring to get up every day and to think that the things they are doing are going to contribute to society being a better place. Their workplace is beyond beautiful, in their opinion, and that in itself makes it rewarding. They operate a family business so they get to work with family and friends who are like family.

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Tommy Usher Log-A-Load for Kids Golf Classic

TOMMY USHER LOG-A-LOAD FOR KIDS GOLF CLASSIC In 1994, a group of people who had been running several golf tournaments got together and decided to put all their efforts into one event.....The Tommy Usher Log-a-Load Golf Classic. Tommy Usher passed away in...

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What Kind of Pine Trees do I Have?

What kinds of trees do I have? In North Central Florida pine plantations are primarily made up of four different pine species. The most common are; Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii), Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda), Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris) and Sand Pine...

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How Old Are My Trees?

How old are my trees? Many people call me to tell me about their timber, wondering if they should cut their trees. The first question that I ask them is “how old is your timber.” Their response is usually I don’t really know but they are pretty big. From...

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